HypnoDoula Services 

A doula provides non-medical educational and emotional support to pregnant, birthing, and postpartum women and their families. Doula services often include one-on-one education, prenatal visits, continuous labor support, and postpartum support.  This provides a mother the opportunity to form trusting bonds with her doula, allowing this mother to receive an invaluable continuity of care.


A doula does not take the place of anyone in the birthing party. On the contrary, she is there to provide assurance, emotional support, and wisdom. As one father so eloquently stated, "Having our hypnodoula present at our birth made all the difference in the world because everything was not all on me. Since she was there continuously guiding and supporting us during the birth, I could step back if and when I needed to. Having that freedom allowed me to relax and actually become more involved. Most importantly, it enabled me to enjoy the birth of our child."


Michelle is available for Hypnodoula services exclusively for her hypnobirthing students wishing to have continuous birth hypnosis, labor, birthing, and breastfeeding support once labor is active until 1.5 to 2 hours after baby is born. 



“I cannot imagine ever going through pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum without Michelle. Forget Baby Whisper, she is the Human Whisper. She has such a wonderfully calming effect. And she is a wealth of knowledge. Having had her by my side twice now, there is no way I would go through all of that again without her.”
—Jessia Lunte
“Michelle helped me achieve the drug-free VBAC of my dreams.  It was the most calm, beautiful, and profound experience of my life.”
—Anita Magripilis
“I am so thankful that I had Michelle's support during the pregnancies and births of my two beautiful daughters. She supported me in a way no one else in my life was capable of. I needed a doula and she were there for me. I can still hear her voice calming talking to me while I pushed my sweet baby out. There is no way I could have rocked that VBAC without her there! I felt so empowered!”
—Dayna Griffin
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“I am so thankful for Michelle's compassion, sensitivity, and the gentleness she offered me throughout my pregnancy and birth of my son. Her HypnoBirthing guidance helped me to overcome my fears of childbirth. Her soothing and peaceful presence as my labor  doula allowed me to realize my perfect birth experience. Her expertise during the postpartum time instilled confidence in my abilities to breastfeed and care for my son.  My heart is filled with gratitude that she shared my journey into motherhood with me. It is the most unforgettable experience of my life!”
—DeAnna McCandless

Michelle A. Smith, CHt, NLPMP

Birth Ease Hypnobirth

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